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Psyche's Journey

Founder, Editor & Publisher:
Dorica Nevin, Psy D.

Consulting Editor:
Catharine Clarke

Cover Art:
Genevieve Govoni

E-zine Development:

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601 Town Street
Moodus, CT 06469

With simplicity and beauty, Psyche's Journey intends to enrich and sustain each reader's soul journey and to inspire those who seek a more soulful life.

About Psyche's Journey

Dorica Nevin Welcome to Psyche's Journey! I am delighted to announce our RELAUNCH in Spring 2014, as a downloadable E-zine. In the past 3 years while not publishing new issues, I have heard from many readers who have missed the inspiring articles, interviews, poetry, excerpts and artwork they had come to expect as subscribers of Psyche's Journey. I promise to readers/subscribers to maintain the quality of content in each issue, while also making it more affordable to produce and to subscribe. In addition, the E-zine format makes it possible to add new content; audio, video, and eventually new products. Advertising for your related products will be forthcoming as well. Psyche's Journey E-zine is a work in progress and I appreciate you feedback and comments. Feel free to contact me directly! Our initial issue is expected to be available May 1, 2014! You may subscribe now!

Psyche's Journey is an expression of my passion for, and commitment to the work of Marion Woodman and Carl Jung. Marion's essential contribution to Jungian psychology sheds new light on the wisdom of the body as key to psychic wholeness. Her work deepens our awareness of the Feminine principle's essential importance as a balancing force throughout all aspects of inner and outer life for both women and men.

I intend for Psyche's Journey to share the reflections, possibilities, impact, and outcome of working with Conscious Femininity. Articles, interviews, artwork, and poetic selections evoke thoughtful reflection, and offer a healing oasis from the hectic pace of daily living in this modern world. My ongoing hope is that each of you will share your wisdom, talents, and stories with our community.

Please take a moment to look at our "Readers Write" section to participate. Also, I hope you will consider gift subscriptions for friends, colleagues, and loved ones.

And finally, please consider a direct donation to help Psyche's Journey through the coming year. We greatly appreciate any gift you can give whether a direct financial donation, gifting subscriptions to friends and colleagues, or sharing your creative expressions in the Reader's Write section. Thank you!

Dorica D. Nevin, Psy. D.
Founder, Editor & Publisher of Psyche's Journey


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